SD Notary 1.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of SD Notary 1.2. SD Notary is a tool for notarizing AppleScript and Automator apps. Please see this blog post for more information.

This update can be applied using SD Notary’s Check For Updates command (in the SD Notary menu). Alternatively, you can download the latest version from the blog post linked above.

Version 1.2 Changes:

  • Support for macOS version 10.13. You must be running 10.13.6 or later, and Xcode 10. This combination is not yet fully tested.

  • Fixes (properly) the issue where closing a document via script could result in false busy alert.

  • Adds support for .dmg files. The contents of disk image files must have been signed with the hardened runtime before the image was built, or submission will fail; SD Notary only signs the .dmg file itself as part of the process, not giving it any extra entitlements.

  • The ‘Submit App…’ button now accepts .dmg disk image files as well as .app files if the ‘Process script applets only’ checkbox is unchecked. If you choose a .app file, all required signing with entitlements is done as part of the submission process. For .dmg files, see previous point.

  • Now supports file drag-and-drop. Dropping .app files or .dmg files on to SD Notary’s icon will open them in their own windows, and replace the standard buttons with ‘Cancel’ or ‘Submit Now’. You can still modify the entitlements and other settings before submitting.

  • Introduces a ‘Sign Only…’ button and command. This allows you to code-sign a single .app file, or all the items that need signing in a chosen directory, using the hardened runtime. You can use this to sign items you intend to add to a .dmg disk image for submission.

  • The ‘Staple Only…’ command now supports stapling a ticket to both .dmg and .app files.

  • Scripting support has been updated to accommodate the changes above, adding a new ‘codesign only’ command.

  • Supports simultaneous uploads with altool 4 and later (part of Xcode 11).