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Established in 1995 by Mark Alldritt and his late wife Gerry Tubin, Late Night Software Ltd. develops Script Debugger for Macintosh.

Script Debugger has a 25+ year history on the Macintosh beginning with Script Debugger 1.0 supporting AppleScript 1.0 on the classic Mac OS through to the present day with Script Debugger 8 on macOS Big Sur.

Script Debugger 2.0 was honoured with a MacWorld Editors Choice award for Best Development Software in 2000. Script Debugger 3.0 was nominated for the 2002 MacUser Awards in the category of Utility and Enabling.

Past products include Affrus (Perl IDE), FaceSpan (AppleScript Rapid Application Development), ScripZ (Adobe Illustrator plugin-in providing AppleScript scriptability).

Who We Are

Mark Alldritt

Mark is a veteran developer who has 40 years of experience working on desktop, corporate MIS, communications, transportation and process control software systems. He has owned and operated Late Night Software Ltd., a micro-ISV specializing in development tools for macOS, for over 20 years. Late Night Software Ltd. was one of the first micro-ISVs in the Macintosh market and showed the way for many other independent developers that followed. During this time Mark has been responsible for developing and marketing several significant macOS end-user products including Script Debugger, FaceSpan, Affrus and ScripZ. Script Debugger continues to be the standard for AppleScript automation development on macOS systems. ScripZ was acquired by Adobe Systems and became the foundation for automation in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat.

Recently Mark has been working on a number of mobile applications that meansure and evaluate brain health. This work has spawned two startups: BrainWave Software which builds EEG data aquisition and research software solutions and Insight Labs which measures mental health and performance using EEG data.

Shane Stanley

Shane Stanley is a developer with a long association with automation and AppleScript. He wrote the applications ASObjC Runner and ASObjC Explorer, co-presented the AppleScript Pro Sessions training events in the US for 10 years, is author of ‘Everyday AppleScriptObjC’, and has worked on a range of publishing automation projects.

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