We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 8.0.6. Script Debugger 8.0.6 is a free maintenance release addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 8.0. This release also introduces a series of changes to improve compatibility with macOS Ventura.

This update can be applied using Script Debugger’s Check For Updates command (in the Script Debugger menu). Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Script Debugger.

  • 1830 Use SD Notary 2 if it is available.
  • 1833 Resolved a hang that can occur when balancing or hovering over source code containing very rare instances of unbalanced parentheses characters within a block comment and unbalanced parentheses characters in a line comment.
  • 1827 Fixed issue where printing sometimes failed.
  • 1832 Reinstated the deprecated OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled Info.plist entry for script bundles that use AppleScriptObjC. This is no longer required, but there are suggestions its presence helps eliminate some unexpected crashes in deployed scripts. The boolean expert preference key PrefIncludeOSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled can be used to turn inclusion on or off.
  • 1831 Fixed issue where run-only exports can fail when bundling used execute-only script libraries.
  • 1828 Corrected a long standing regression that prevented Script Debugger from respecting the Set Default Script Size & State command.
  • 1825 Resolved a terminology conflict between the application class’ search string property and the dictionary window class’ search string property. Any scripts using the dictionary window class’ search string property must be changed to accommodate this change.
  • 1823 Corrected a display problem when viewing dictionary inspector search results.
  • 1822 Resolved a crash that can occur when the Printing theme is misconfigured.
  • 1820 Fixed issue where text encoding of .applescript files saved by Script Editor was not always properly detected.
  • 1817 Fixed bugs where exporting run-only from .scpt files. Used script libraries and user frameworks are correctly embedded when requested, and the source export preference is honored.
  • 1816 Resolved a problem where typed characters are inserted incorrectly while the Synchronize split-view selection Editor preference setting is enabled cause.