Script Debugger 5.0 and 32-bit Scripting Additions

Since the release of Script Debugger 5.0, I have had some users report problems where Script Debugger 5.0 fails to run scripts that ran correctly in Script Debugger 4.5. The problem may be caused by the use of 32-bit scripting additions.

Script Debugger 4.5 is a 32-bit application and loads only 32-bit versions of any installed scripting additions. Script Debugger 5.0 is a 64-bit application and cannot load 32-bit only scripting additions.

If you are using older 32-bit versions of our freeware scripting additions (Property List Tools, List & Record Tools, XML Tools), please upgrade to the latest 64-bit versions.

If you are unable to find a 64-bit version of a particular scripting addition, the alternative is to run Script Debugger 5.0 in 32-bit mode. You do this by checking the ‘Open in 32-bit mode’ option in Script Debugger 5.0’s Finder Get Info panel.

NOTE: I am not able to provide a 64-Bit version of my XSLT Tools scripting addition.