Script Debugger 5.0.6 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 5.0.6. Script Debugger 5.0.6 is a free maintenance release addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 5.0. This maintenance release makes Script Debugger fully compatible with Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8.2) and addresses a number of stability and performance issues.

You can update within Script Debugger using the Check For Updates command in the Script Debugger menu. Alternatively, you can download the new build here:

Download Script Debugger 5.0.6

Bugs closed in the 5.0.6 release:

  • 18064 Resolved a problem where the shift key modifier was not reversing the meaning of the Open In Tabs preference setting.
  • 18061 Resolved some copy and drag issues involving the dictionary search results list.
  • 18060 Resolved a block-closing bug that happens when entering a new line into the end of the script and the last character is a ” closing a string literal (application name).
  • 18057 Improved how Script Debugger determines how to track libraries when they are added. It now uses the libraries location relative to the document and the various “system” directories to decide if a library reference is relative to the document, the system or absolute.
  • 18056 Libraries can be re-ordered using drag and drop within the Libraries pane within the Resources tab.
  • 18055 Resolved a problem where pasting text with leading white space resulted in an extra newline being added to the end of the pasted text.
  • 18052 Printing has been improved to reduce the size of margins so that more text can appear on each page. Line wrapping is indented when printing as it is in the editor.
  • 18049 When deleting a newline Script Debugger now ignores any whitespace characters that may follow the newline.
  • 18046 [Crash] Script Debugger no longer hangs when a script running within Script Debugger sends a Quit Apple Event to Script Debugger.
  • 18048 Corrected a bug in the ‘on adding folder items to’ Folder Actions simualtor where the direct parameter was empty when running on 10.8 (Mountain Lion) systems.
  • 17711 Scripts can once again be printed on 10.8 systems.
  • 18035 Improved text completion to include command templates and placeholders for command parameters. Completion now includes templates for AppleScript control structures (if, repeat, try, tell, etc.).
  • 18039 Improved placeholders so that pressing return commits the currently selected placeholder.
  • 18038 Added a ‘Open a Recent Document’ control to the Template Chooser Panel.
  • 18036 You can now use the up and down arrow keys when focused on the Open Quickly panel’s search field to select items in the search results table. This saves the step of moving focus to the search results table.
  • 18037 Resolved a cosmetic bug when presenting QuickLook previews in the Open Quickly panel. QuickLook previews once again begin their zoom from the selected item in the search results table.
  • 18033 Resolved a window focus problem when closing one of two or more windows viewing the same document.
  • 18032 Restored a Script Debugger 3 feature where Script Debugger only reactivates target applications when a script actually sends an AppleEvent command to that application.
  • 18031 Resolved a problem with toolbar item positioning in dictionary windows on Retina display systems.
  • 18014 Corrected a problem where Superclass information is not shown in all instances within dictionary class descriptions.
  • 18030 Resolved a regression in the 5.0.5 release where Script Debugger hangs when displaying object specifiers that refer to Script Debugger its self.
  • 18029 Auto-indentation no longer indents lines when editing within a string literal.
  • 18024 Added a new expert pref (PrefShowFullPathInWindowTitle) which causes the script window title bar to show the script’s full path.
  • 18018 Improve Mail Rule debugging
  • 18010 Correct a bug where the Uncomment command does not function if the first selected line does not begin with a comment.
  • 18009 Corrected a problem where Markers defined in comments on the same line as a handler declaration don’t appear in the Table Of Contents menu.
  • 17824 Factory default setting for Language Keywords once again matches that applied by Apple’s AppleScript Editor: black Verdana Bold.
  • 18008 Script Debugger is now able to open InDesign 5 dictionaries.
  • 18007 Resolved a problem stepping through code that uses range object specifiers.
  • 17976 The ‘Open In Tabs’ preference was not being honoured when handling applescript:// URLs in web pages.