Script Debugger 5.0.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 5.0.5. Script Debugger 5.0.5 is a free maintenance release addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 5.0. This maintenance release makes Script Debugger fully compatible with Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8.2) and addresses a number of stability and performance issues.

You can update within Script Debugger using the Check For Updates command in the Script Debugger menu. Alternatively, you can download the new build here:

Download Script Debugger 5.0.5

New Features in the 5.0.5 Release:

  • 17779 Script Debugger now generates bundle IDs for bundled compiled scripts and applets/droplets. A new Bundle ID field has been added to the Resources tab for editing a script’s bundle ID. Additionally, a new Bundle ID Prefix field has been added to the General prefs panel to control the prefix used to build default bundle IDs when scripts are created.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.5 release:

  • 17119 Improved the accuracy of the timer when stepping through scripts, and when the Event Log is visible.
  • 17871 Resolved a problem where the properties of all text suite objects in the Tex-Edit Plus application dictionary are missing.
  • 17870 Improved performance when displaying large lists of object specifiers in the result viewer.
  • 17865 Corrected a regression introduced in Script Debugger 5.0.4 which prevents Script Debugger from recognizing when faceless background applications such as System Events or Image Events are launched or quit.
  • 17863 [Crash] Resolved a crash that can occur when undoing a compile operation where placeholders are present from a previous Paste Tell or insert clipping operation.
  • 17821 [Crash] Resolved a crash that can occur when using the Help menu to search the Script Debugger’s menus and help book after the Paste Tell item in the Edit menu has been used to explore application object models.
  • 17815 [Crash] Corrected a crash that occurred when AppleScript returned the errOSAStackOverflow status value when Script Debugger is trying to determine if the value of a property or variable has changed. AppleScript may report errOSAStackOverflow when script objects contain very large arrays of values.
  • 17801 [Crash] Resolved a crash that may occur when the contents of Script Debugger’s Scripts or Clippings folders changes while the Key Bindings preferences panel is open.
  • 17808 [Crash] Resolved a crash that can occur when a script with its event log visible targets an application that is deleted between successive runs.
  • 17780 Corrected a Script Debugger 5.0.4 regression which causes the Comment and Uncomment commands to eat newlines.