FAQ: Why Can’t I Change The Case Of Identifiers In My Script

UPDATE: Script Debugger 6 addresses this problem.

Customers often write in asking why Script Debugger will not allow them to change the case of identifiers in their scripts (e.g. change ‘myname’ to ‘myName’).

This is actually a feature of AppleScript. AppleScript remembers the case of each identifier it encounters in your script (from the first time you compiled the script). From that point onward, AppleScript converts the case of subsequent instances of identifiers to match the first instance.

This is helpful in some instances, but if you want to alter the case of your identifiers it can be very frustrating.

The workaround is this:

  1. Save your script as a text document (.applescript extension)
  2. Quit Script Debugger to ensure that AppleScript’s caches are flushed
  3. Launch Script Debugger
  4. Open the text (.applescript) version of your script
  5. Make your identifier case changes
  6. Compile your script
  7. Save your script as a compiled script or application