Introducing Script Debugger 6

I’m pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 6. This release introduces over 25 new features and embraces modern AppleScript, including AppleScriptObjC. To sweeten the deal, Script Debugger’s price has been reduced by 50%!

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It has been 4 years since the release of Script Debugger 5 and AppleScript has changed a lot in that time. Script Debugger 6 fully supports modern AppleScript, including libraries, AppleScriptObjC and all of the other changes that have come to AppleScript.

In addition to new features, Script Debugger includes improvements to all of its existing capabilities with particular attention to stability and performance.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Script Debugger 6”

  1. Mark: What is the word on JavaScript automation support? I know you blogged on it (, and it’s non-trivial, but for me I know JavaScript is the path of least resistance (as JavaScript is ubiquitous, and AppleScript problematic). Plus, you already have the smart tools to accelerate OSX automation programming. It would be great to use those for JavaScript OSX programming. Thank you.

    1. I have been focused on completing Script Debugger 6 and have not had any time to devote to other projects. Before I develop a JavaScript for Automation tool I need to determine the size of the market for such a tool. Judging from all the mailing lists I follow, it is not clear that JavaScript for Automation attracted enough uses to support an IDE. I’ll keep watching to see how things develop.

      1. I was thinking you would roll it in as a (major) feature of ScriptDebugger, since the special sauce (OSAX auto-fill) would leverage for both languages. I don’t think a separate product would be as compelling as a one-stop shop for Apple/JavaScript.

        Thank you for the update. I shall keep my fingers crossed!-)

  2. An AppleScript library as a resource in Script Debugger 5 made things easier to distribute, like in an Alfred workflow. Now all the advantages are gone. I’m not sure I’ll upgrade. Anyway, congratulations for the new release. I really like Script Debugger.

    1. i understand that Script Debugger 5 libraries had their advantages, but AppleScript’s built-in library features are the future. You can embed library scripts into other bundled scripts to accomplish the same things Script Debugger 5 libraries provided. HOpefully the improvements in Script Debugger 6 will keep you with us.

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