Script Debugger 7.0.13 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 7.0.13. Script Debugger 7.0.13 is a free maintenance release addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 7.0. This release also introduces a series of changes to improve compatibility with macOS Catalina and Big Sur.

This update can be applied using Script Debugger’s Check For Updates command (in the Script Debugger menu). Alternatively, you can [download the latest version of Script Debugger](

Changes in the 7.0.13 release

  • 1545 Corrected a regression in the 7A123 build that caused the Close Window command to fail when document changes need to be saved.

  • 1527 Fixes regression where exporting with the option to make bundled scripts and libraries run-only was making all scripts in the Resources folder run-only.

  • 1543 Fixed regression where custom Base.lproj files were being lost on save.

  • 1455 Resolved a problem where documents can indicate it has unsaved changes following a successful save operation. Additionally, resolved a problem where a document indicates it no longer has changes when a save operations fails.

  • 1492 fixed a regression that caused the Folder Action Window Closed simulator to fail.

  • 1455 Resolved a problem where saving a script with changes to bundle properties does not clear the dirty document indication.

  • 1458 Fixed Big Sur issue where save dialog would not change file extension to match document format.

  • 1474 Script Debugger 7 is able to recognize Enhanced Applets created with Script Debugger 8. Note that saving an enhanced applet created with Script Debugger 8 removes any Apple Silicon native code that may have been saved with the applet.

  • 1447 Fixed issue where pressing command-. would sometimes not halt a running script.

  • 1427 Improved the naming of template parameters for code produced by Paste Tell command.

  • 1428 Fixed typo in using terms from clipping.

  • 1421 Fixed issue that could result in crash when launched by opening applet.

  • 1420 Fixed regression where scripted saves involving change of file type failed.

  • 1419 Fixed scripting bug where setting the selection ASObjC range to a range beginning with 0 returned an invalid index error.