FAQ: Why does Script Debugger open when I run my script as an application

Recently I’ve had a series of questions from customers asking why, when they save their script as an application and then launch it outside Script Debugger, does Script Debugger open and offer to debug the script. They have finished with Script Debugger and want to deploy their script and are frustrated they cannot ‘disconnect’ from Script Debugger.

This happens because the script was saved by Script Debugger with debugging enabled. This is a feature where scripts can be run in their target environment (stand alone application, loaded by some other application, etc.) and still be debugged using Script Debugger.

To avoid this problem, simply open the script again in Script Debugger, disable debugging (Command-Shift-D), and re-save the script. This action makes Script Debugger remove its debugging infrastructure from your script. The resulting script is 100% compatible with all AppleScript editing and run-time environments.

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  1. Outstanding! I was not aware of this. Now, what was that script that would not work? Where is it?

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