Welcome to the new Script Debugger forum

I’m pleased to announce the new Late Night Software support forum. This is the first place to go for Script Debugger support. All Script Debugger users, new and old, are welcome.

Since the forum has just been established its pretty sparse right now. Take this opportunity to help us build a support community that meets your needs.

The SD-Talk mailing list has been operating since 2000 and has served us well most that time. But for the last few years Yahoo Groups has been having problems. I’m getting complaints from users unhappy with delays in delivering their emails and with other Yahoo Groups issues. Additionally, keeping the mailing list closed to avoid spammers prevents people from viewing past discussions and discourages new customers from joining in.

The old SD-Talk mailing list will continue until the end of the month when we will begin using new forum to host all Script Debugger customer support.