The following three freeware scripting additions are no longer maintained or supported, but users of older macOS systems may find them useful. If you are looking for older versions of Script Debugger, please see our Archives page.

NOTE: For those using macOS Mojave (10.14) and above, these scripting additions are available through the LNSOSAX app.

Property List Tools

List & Record Tools

XML Tools

And for those running Classic MacOS systems, you can use Script Debugger 3 for free. The details are available at

See also, this thread on our support forum.

Shane’s Libraries

These are freeware Scripting Libraries.

Myriad Tables Lib v1.0.10

Myriad Tables Lib is an AppleScript script library that gives AppleScript scripts the ability to show dialogs containing tables. It requires OS X 10.10 or later. Note that scripts using Myriad Tables Lib cannot be edited in Script Editor in Mojave or later because of new security settings. You need to use Script Debugger. See Catalina Security and Script Libraries for Catalina installation details.

FileManagerLib v2.3.5

FileManagerLib provides commands for file management tasks like duplicating, copying, moving, renaming, deleting, and trashing files, as well as creating folders and alias files, getting the contents and entire contents of folders, and sorting lists of files. Version 2.3.x adds comparison commands and commands for dealing with date properties. (updated May 27, 2020)

RegexAndStuffLib v1.0.7

RegexAndStuffLib is a script library providing some basic string manipulation commands. There are commands for changing case, splitting and joining strings, various encoding and decoding commands, a range of regular expression commands, and more. Version 1.0.6 supports passing lists of strings to regex change and regex batch commands. (updated September 30, 2020)

PrefsStorageLib 1.1.0

PrefsStorageLib is a library that makes it easy for scripts to store persistent values in their existing preference property list files using the standard application defaults system. This gets around the problem where applets cannot retain values between launches because they are notarized, or locked to avoid repeated authorization dialogs. Works with macOS 10.11 or later. (Updated March 11, 2020)

Metadata Lib 2.0.2

Metadata Lib is a library for conducting Spotlight queries, as an alternative to the command-line tools mdls and mdfind via do shell script. Version 2.0 now includes a terminology dictionary, making it simpler to use.

Dialog Toolkit Plus v1.1.2

Dialog Toolkit Plus is an ASObjC-based script library for showing enhanced dialogs. Add multiple text entry fields, checkboxes, popup menus, radio buttons, path controls, extra buttons, secure fields, images, and rules to dialogs. It requires macOS 10.10 or later.

SQLite Lib 1.0.0 and SQLite Lib2 1.1.0

SQLite Lib2 and SQLite Lib are libraries for fast and efficient SQLite programming from AppleScript, based on the well-known open-source FMDB Framework. If you ever need to access SQLite databases, or need a simple database for your scripts, one of these is the answer. Functionally similar, SQLite Lib2 requires macOS 10.11 or later and includes a terminology dictionary, whereas SQLite Lib uses traditional handlers, and works under macOS 10.10 and later.  Note that scripts using SQLite Lib and SQLit Lib2 cannot be edited in Script Editor in Mojave or later because of security settings. You need to use Script Debugger. See Catalina Security and Script Libraries for Catalina installation details. (Updated July 17, 2020.)

CalendarLib EC v1.1.4

CalendarLib EC is an AppleScript script library for manipulating calendar events without using It requires OS X 10.11 or later.

Bridge Plus 1.3.3

BridgePlus is an AppleScript script library that includes a collection of handlers based on the functionality of ASObjC For AppleScriptObjC users, there are commands that support improved bridging between AppleScript and Cocoa, as well as direct access to the extended functionality. The AppleScriptObjC manual is on-line here.

Shane’s Other Stuff

Script Geek 2.0.1

Script Geek is a utility for timing scripts.

Myriad Helpers 2.0.2

Myriad Helpers is a collection helper files that can greatly simplify using some Cocoa classes in Xcode-based AppleScriptObjC projects.

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