Script Debugger 7.0.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 7.0.4. Script Debugger 7.0.4 is a free maintenance release addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 7.0. This release also introduces a series of changes to improve compatibility with macOS Mojave (10.14).

Changes in the 7.0.4 release

  • 1139 Updated code-completion data for Mojave.

  • 1137 Mojave: The Scripting Additions dictionary only displays additions in the /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions on Mojave systems since AppleScript no longer loads Scripting Additions from other locations (/Library/ScriptingAdditions and ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions). When SIP is disabled, Script Debugger displays scripting additions from all standard locations.

  • 1133 Mojave: If you accidentally decline to allow Script Debugger access to a particular application, an alert appears whenever the explorer is used to access that application explaining that the application is inaccessible and that you must use the System Preferences app to grant access to Script Debugger.

  • 1119 Fixed issue where clicking on the Time/Duration column heading in the Event Log could cause a crash. Clicking will now sort events by duration, and execution order can be restored by clicking on the Apple Event column heading.

  • 1113 The scripting selection property returned character ranges that could, in some cases, not accurately reflect AppleScript lengths. This has been fixed. A new document and script window property, selection ASObjC range, returns the selection as a Cocoa range, suitable for those using AppleScriptObjC. The new property accepts both a simple list of two integers as well as a record in the form {location:x, |length|:y}. It returns a list, or the record form if you use get selection ASObjC range as record.

  • 1117 Resolved a problem where duplicate code signing identities could appear in Script Debugger’s Code Signing menus.

  • 1122 Fixed issue where entering extensions in the Resources Tab could trigger a crash.

  • 1126 Script Debugger Lite users are able to create viewer windows for values appearing in the variables pane. This makes looking at long strings and list or record structures easier.

  • 1115 Resolved a series of issues with leak tracking and display. Script Debugger should now properly track open for access/close access pairs when a file path is passed to close access. Possible crashes displaying leaks have also been resolved.

  • 1116 Fixed a regression where bundled frameworks were not included when performing a save as or export.

  • 1132 Addressed a problem where changing the AppleScript:// URL scheme preference did not operate properly.

  • 1130 Improved command-click handling of URLs to avoid attempting to open invalid URLs, resulting in an alert asking to locate a suitable application in the App Store.

  • 1123 Fixes regression where clippings searches ignored the standard set. Also fixes the issue where double-clicking on found clippings failed to insert them.

  • 1118 Removed unnecessary alerts about persistent properties when saving code-signed bundles and applets.

  • 925 Resolved a crash that occurs when a script sends an AppleEvent with a timeout of 0 seconds.