Script Debugger 6.0.7 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 6.0.7. Script Debugger 6.0.7 is a free maintenance release addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 6.0. This maintenance improves Script Debugger’s compatibility with macOS High Sierra (Mac OS X 10.13) and addresses a number of stability and performance issues.

You can download Script Debugger 6.0.7 from within Script Debugger using the Check For Updates menu command within the Script Debugger menu or you can download it directly from our Free Trial page.

Changes in the 6.0.7 release

  • 812: Resolved a macOS High Sierra bug that caused Script Debugger’s Spotlight plugin to crash under certain circumstances.

  • 808: Resolved a regression in Script Debugger 6.0.6 which prevented the creation of new documents from templates that referenced script libraries in AppleScript use statements.

  • 826: When the AppleScript version in a script is “2.5” and the script is being edited under macOS High Sierra, terminology for code-completion is no longer filtered for version 10.13.