No More Caveman Debugging

This video demonstrates how to use Script Debugger 6 to debug your AppleScript scripts without having to resort to caveman debugging techniques such as adding log and display dialog statements to see what’s happening.

The video is aimed at helping new Script Debugger users transition from Apple’s Script Editor. It gives a very brief explanation of Script Debugger’s user interface and shows how you can use Script Debugger to easily identify and correct bugs in your scripts.

Download example scripts from the video

After you’ve finished this video, check out the Viewing Variables & Values video along with our other video tutorials.

If you are new to Script Debugger, it is a powerful AppleScrip development environment that makes AppleScript amazingly productive. We offer a 20-day free trial so you can find out for yourself how Script Debugger can make AppleScript useful for you without any risk.

For those considering upgrading from Script Debugger 5, please see the Script Debugger 6 Release Notes for a full list of new features.