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We’re delighted that you’re considering upgrading to Script Debugger 7. Late Night Software has long been committed to making the best possible integrated development environment for working with AppleScript, and we are happy to know that you have enjoyed working with a previous version of our software.

NEW In Script Debugger 7

FREE Script Debugger Lite
The biggest change in Script Developer 7 is the release of our new “lite” mode, which offers all the basic editing, debugging and dictionary functions that you need to write your code. Even without Script Debugger’s advanced features, it represents a significant improvement over the Apple’s Script Editor which comes with your Macintosh. We see Script Debugger Lite as the best free option available for working with AppleScript.
Document Versions
Review and open past versions of a script from the Mac OS X document version history provided both locally and via Time Machine backups. Execute different versions of your script right from the Versions browser before deciding to revert to a particular version of your script.

If you are upgrading from Script Debugger 5 or 6, you’ll be able to take advantage of this feature immediately with you existing scripts because past versions of Script Debugger have been retaining version information for you.

Improved Bundle Editing
Script Debugger 7’s improved bundle editor lets you specify the types of files your AppleScript droplets accept. Specify files either by Uniform Type Identifier or by filename extension. Script Debugger 7 offers more options for configuring AppleScript applets and droplets. Control App Transport Security, make background only applets, and bundle required libraries directly from Script Debugger’s UI.
Enhanced Applet Shell
Script Debugger 7 offers a new way of deploying AppleScripts as standalone applications with an improved UI, support for automatic software updates via Sparkle and much more. If you are creating AppleScript droplets, Script Debugger 7’s enhanced applets provide a drop target window where users can drag & drop files or use Spotlight searching to find the files they want to process.

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