The Full Power Of AppleScript Automation

Script Debugger 7

Experience AppleScript Made Easy


When it’s time to start writing your code, Script Debugger is there for you with a superior integrated development environment. Even our new “lite” mode is a huge step up from working in Apple’s Script Editor. The enormous range of tools available in our full application will revolutionize your coding experience.

Get ready for maximum productivity when you write scripts easily and quickly with our powerful and flexible code creation features. Script Debugger helps you by intelligently inserting a broad range of commonly-used code segments. You can insert tell blocks for applications and objects or properties. And our “clippings” and text substitution features intelligently insert code such as AppleScript constructs (repeat loops etc.) or application commands (including parameters). These features are specifically designed for the peculiarities of the AppleScript language. They let you easily navigate large scripts, automatically enter “end” lines and closing delimiters, and more.

1. Tabbed Windows
Easily work with multiple documents at once.
2. Find & Replace
Powerful find and replace with Regular Expressions.
3. Code Folding
Collapse parts of your script to focus on your work.
4. Balance
Select AppleScript blocks with a single command.
5. Split Panes
Split the editing window vertically or horizontally to view different sections of your script at the same time.
6. Block Highlighting
See where AppleScript blocks begin and end by hovering mouse in the margin.
7. Clippings
Insert code by double-clicking clippings.
8. Dictionaries
Get application dictionary information without leaving the editor.
9. Tell Context Inspector
Explore applications right from the editor. Context follows you as you edit.

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