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As you create your scripts, you need to test them to make sure they behave as expected. Script Debugger can run a script in an analytical mode that tracks all your variables and their values, making it easy to isolate and fix specific problems when things go wrong. 

With our tools, you can watch your script as it runs, line by line, viewing the values of variables at every stage of the script’s execution. Script Debugger’s Explorer will continue to show all the details of each and every selected variable. For example, if you were to track a value that happens to be a reference to a song in iTunes, our Explorer will not just show you the name of the song. It gives you the power to investigate all of the attached information about the song’s attributes.

Script Debugger offers single-stepping to watch your script as it runs, stopping at every line to display the values of all variables at each stage of the script’s execution. You can use breakpoints to pause your code at key points. You can even create breakpoints that trap conditions in your code. You’ll never have to resort to using AppleScript log statements just to see what is happening at a given point in your script and what the value of an important variable is. With Script Debugger, you never have to guess about what is happening with your code.

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