Late Night Software Ltd.

Established in 1995 by Mark Alldritt and his late wife Gerry Tubin, Late Night Software Ltd. develops Script Debugger for Macintosh.

Script Debugger has a 20+ year history on the Macintosh beginning with Script Debugger 1.0 supporting AppleScript 1.0 on the classic Mac OS 6 through to the present day with Script Debugger 6 on macOS Sierra (10.12).

Script Debugger 2.0 was honoured with a MacWorld Editors Choice award for Best Development Software in 2000. Script Debugger 3.0 was nominated for the 2002 MacUser Awards in the category of Utility and Enabling.

Past products include Affrus (Perl IDE), FaceSpan (AppleScript Rapid Application Development), ScripZ (Adobe Illustrator plugin-in providing AppleScript scriptability).

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Sales & Marketing: – (250) 380-1725

For technical support, please visit out Support page.

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