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Affrus 1.0.1 Update

Affrus 1.0.1 is a maintenance release that addresses a series of issues that came to light following the release of Affrus 1.0.

Release Notes

The Affrus 1.0.1 Update contains the following changes:

  • $_ and several other Perl special variables are now colored properly.
  • The Errors pane displays a single entry for repeated errors on the same source line.
  • The Errors pane only displays the first 200 errors. If there are more than 200 Check Syntax errors, Affrus will indicate how many errors were skipped.
  • Fixed compatibility problems with the FindBin module.
  • Fixed a problem where the Check Syntax command would clip error messages.
  • Fixed compatibility problems with the HTML::Parser module (and all modules that depend on it).
  • Fixed a crashing bug that can happen when the Recent Files menu is set to sort files in the order in which they were opened.
  • Fixed a crashing bug that can happen when stepping out of subroutines.
  • Fixed a problem where run-time errors were not reported when a script was run to completion.
  • Fixed a colorizing error for -xxx string literals.
  • Fixed a colorizing error for 'bless \$instance => $class;'.
  • Fixed a colorizing error with HERE documents.
  • Fixed a problem where tied scalars in package scope were listed twice in the debugger.
  • The Affrus install process now detects when the user's PATH contains Perl in non-standard locations and gives you the option of using your version of Perl or /usr/bin/perl.
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem in the way registration information is displayed in the About dialog.
  • The Affrus Help index was omitted from the 1.0 release that prevented searching the Affrus Help book. It is now included.
  • When running Perl 5.8 and later, Affrus can now set/clear breakpoints while a script is blocked in a system call (select/read/write/etc.). However, Perl 5.8.1 (as shipped on Panther) does not restart system calls correctly following a signal so doing this causes select/read/write/etc. to return prematurely.
  • The Affrus tool has been altered to handle intermixed Perl/Affrus switches properly.

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