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SD4 Headling

Script Debugger 4.5.7 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a problem where the Dictionary/Explorer control in the Dictionary window was not updated to 'Dictionary' following a search.
  • Added support for ASObjC scripts by allowing 'class "ClassName"' constructs to compile.
  • Script Debugger no longer attempts to compile scripts when saving changes to an existing Text (.applescript) document.
  • Script Debugger no longer causes AppleScript to convert "reference" to "specifier" when compiling scripts.
  • Script Debugger no longer crashes when creating new documents on Lion (Mac OS X 10.7).
  • Resolved a bug in the Balance command that could result in crashes if compound AppleScript statements tell x to y, if x then y) appear within a block style comment.
  • Another attempt to resolve the intermittent crashes which began with the release of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • Resolved a problem where the Dictionary window fails to dictionary descriptions for multiple items selected from the browser.
  • Resolved a problem where application bundles saved as 32-bit appear as PowerPC applications in the Finder.
  • Fixed a typo in the property definition clipping.
  • Script Debugger 4.5 can now co-exist with installations of the forthcoming Script Debugger 5.0.

Script Debugger 4.5.6 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a license validation error introduced in version 4.5.5 that, in a few cases, caused Script Debugger to incorrectly report license overuse.

Script Debugger 4.5.5 Release Notes

New Features

  • A new 32-Bit Only option has been added to the Save As panel allowing you to create 32-Bit applets directly from Script Debugger. This avoids having to visit the Finder's Get Info window to select the 32-Bit Only execution option. Script Debugger also warns you when saving a 64-bit capable Applet/Droplet that uses 32-bit only Scripting Additions.
  • Script Debugger's Apple Event Log window logs error information when commands fail.

Bug Fixes

  • This version of Script Debugger contains several changes that improve application stability.
  • When exporting a Run-Only script over an existing file, Script Debugger ensures that pre-existing recovery and QuickLook preview data is removed.
  • When opening text scripts Script Debugger now assumes UTF-8 encoding unless the file contains an explicit encoding indication (BOM, etc.). Script Debugger also correctly handles opening of legacy MacRoman text scripts.
  • When Script Debugger's Open and Save panels are in column view, they once again respond correctly to keyboard driven selections by presenting document previews or sub-folder contents.
  • The Script Debugger 4.0 OSA component is removed (if it is still present) to avoid the possibility of memory corruptions that might destabilize Script Debugger 4.5.
  • Script Debugger auto-saves documents each time they are compiled. This may slow things down slightly, but it will improve Script Debugger's ability to recover the contents of open documents in the event of a crash. Previously, Script Debugger auto-saved only before a document was executed.
  • FontSyncScripting.app is no longer mistaken as a Scripting Addition.
  • Script Debugger no longer needlessly updates the value displayed in open Viewer windows each time a script pauses. Viewer windows now only update when the value of the variable/property being viewed actually changes.
  • Resolved a bug that caused Script Debugger to crash when AppleScript reports error text ranges that lie beyond the end of the script. This happens most commonly when you have an unclosed quoted string within a block comment.
  • The 'under' handler parameter is no longer mishandled by the AppleScript Debugger.
  • Script Debugger once again opens the iCal dictionary along with any other application that takes advantage of the XML xinclude directive in its dictionary meta-data.
  • The Manifest command once again correctly reports applications referenced in scripts.
  • Script Debugger is much more forgiving when opening scripts with missing or incorrect filename extensions.

Script Debugger 4.5.4 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Snow Leopard: global variables are once again correctly displayed in the Variables browser on Mac OS X 10.6.x systems.
  • Tiger: the AppleScript Formatting preferences panel no longer fails to load on Mac OS X 10.4.x systems.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred after the AppleScript Formatting preferences panel has been used.
  • Added a new Edit License… command to the Script Debugger menu. This command allows you to enter new software registration information should you need to re-license Script Debugger.
  • When Script Debugger detects that too many copies of Script Debugger are using the same license, it now names the machines that are using Script Debugger to help identify the cause of the problem.
  • Corrected a parsing error where # characters appearing within a block comment would cause the parser to fail to parse the remainder of the script in some instances.
  • The Manifest command once again correctly shows the events generated by a script.
  • Pressing the Tab key in the dictionary Search Results panel now moves keyboard focus to the description area of the window.
  • Corrected a terminology conflict that prevented the creation of ‘file’ objects on 10.4 systems. Scripts that use the file property of Script Debugger’s document object must be updated to use the ‘file spec’ property.
  • Changed the ‘source’ constant to ‘source code’ and changed the ‘raw’ constant to ‘raw code’ to avoid terminology conflicts with scripts that used these terms as variable names.
  • The Fonts & Colors preferences panel now lets you set Snow Leopard’s new AppleScript formatting options. A crashing bug that occurred if you double-clicked in the blank area below the last formatting option has been resolved.
  • Corrected a problem where getting the value of the ‘scripts menu folder’, ‘clippings menu folder’ or ‘script libraries folder’ properties of Script Debugger’s application object would fail intermittently.
  • Dragging text from a script window to another application now includes style information.
  • The Mail dictionary now shows ‘unicode text’ instead of ‘utf8’ for properties returning a unicode text value.
  • Bundled compiled scripts exported as Run-Only bundled applications no longer includes Recover/QuickLook data that could reveal the source code for your script.
  • Corrected a crashing bug that occurred when code completion was used with JavaScript OSA.
  • Corrected a crashing bug that occurred when using Find Next/Previous Handler commands in scripts with inconsistent line endings.
  • Corrected a parsing error that prevented the compilation of code that uses statements like ‘tell (…... to …...)’ when debugging is enabled.
  • Script Debugger now offers to install itself in /Applications after it has been run directly from the installation disk image.
  • Corrected a problem that caused the insertion point to be in the wrong place when dragging items to the last line of a script.
  • Corrected a series of parsing bugs that sometimes caused parts of scripts to be omitted from the Table Of Contents menu.
  • Script Debugger now correctly preserves line endings when opening and then saving text script files.

Script Debugger 4.5.3 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • The ‘file spec’ document property has been renamed ‘file’. This change corrects a terminology conflict that caused AppleScript to rewrite ‘file spec’ as ‘file’ following a compile.
  • Addressed a problem where references to ‘path’ outside a tell block generated incorrect 4-character codes (as compared to Apple’s Script Editor).
  • Corrected a block auto-close/balance bug that happens when unbalanced )}] characters appear in a — style comment.
  • The ’stic’ enumeration associated with the ‘display dialog’ command is once again displayed correctly.
  • Resolved a hanging bug when exploring the InDesign dictionary.
  • When pasting Object Reference as nested tell blocks, the code respects the existing tell context.
  • Corrected a problem in the Tell Context inspector that caused the inspector to stop displaying the current tell context after inspecting the ‘disk’ property of any Finder element.
  • Addressed a crashing problem when getting ‘properties of document 1 of application “Adobe InDesign”‘.
  • Added a ‘Paste Object References as nested Tell blocks’ preference to the Editor preferences panel.
  • Holding down the Option key while pasting Object References inverts the ‘Paste Object References as nested Tell blocks’ preference setting.
  • Shift-Command-C now copies an explorer value (available from the Edit and Contextual menus).
  • Pasting an object reference into a script now results in a series of nested tell blocks rather than a single object reference string.
  • Resolved a balance problem that caused block auto-closing to fail if AppleScript block statements (if, repeat) appear within a block comment.
  • The Script Debugger dictionary viewer now correctly displays property/parameter/result types when a type is defined as both singular and plural in the SDEF XML.
  • Unicode characters appearing in AppleScript error messages are now displayed correctly in Script Debugger’s Script Error panel.
  • Resolved several bugs that occurred when using fonts that don’t map into the legacy QuickDraw font model.
  • Adjusted dictionary search results so that partial hits matching the start of a name are weighted higher than partial hits in the middle or end of a name.
  • Addressed a crash that could sometimes occur when closing documents.
  • Addressed a crash that occurred when expanding a browser item for which there is an open viewer window.
  • Addressed a crash that occurred when canceling the Set Keystroke dialog using the Escape key.
  • Addressed a hanging bug that occurred when Script Debugger was stressed heavily during the running/stepping of scripts. This fix also addresses a memory leak that occurred stepping through a script under scripting control.
  • A long standing intermittent crashing bug that occurred creating new documents has finally been resolved.
  • Issuing a Cut, Copy, Paste, or Delete command in the Dictionary Search results pane no longer causes a hang.
  • The scripting interface now correctly reports a script is not debuggable when you try and step into/over/into a script which does not have debugging enabled.
  • Tooltip evaluation tooltips are now properly removed when dictionary windows are opened using the Command-D shortcut.
  • Uncommenting lines without a comment no longer causes leading whitespace to be stripped.
  • Removing the Step Over, Step Into, and Step Out toolbar buttons no longer renders the corresponding menus inoperable.
  • The ’scripts folder’ and ‘clippings folder’ properties in the scripting interface have been renamed ’scripts menu folder’ and ‘clippings menu folder’ respectively to avoid a terminology conflict with the ’scripts folder’ constant defined in the Standard Additions.osax.
  • Option- modifier problems when using Norwegian keyboard layouts have been corrected.
  • Option- modifier problems when using German keyboard layouts have been corrected.
  • Write-only properties are no longer displayed in the Dictionary Explorer.
  • Leopard-style selection highlighting is used when showing balancing brackets and braces while typing.
  • Hiding/Showing the Dock when the dock is positioned on the right of the screen no longer causes inspector windows to move.
  • Auto-paring problems relating to typing ‘(’ before ‘”N” & aVar’ have been resolved.
  • Addressed an issue in the Scripts and Clippings inspectors that could case the Hide/Show Icon state to become confused.
  • Implemented a performance improvement when opening scripts with the ‘Warn when applications may be launched’ setting turned on. Script Debugger no longer loads the dictionaries of all installed Scripting Additions.
  • New Fatten preference has been added. A hidden preference ‘PrefFlattenAtBeginning’ that controls where libraries are placed when flattening scripts has been added. By default, libraries are placed before the main script. Setting this preference to ‘no’ with the Unix ‘defaults’ command causes libraries to be placed after the main script. No UI is planned for this preference setting.
  • Script Debugger now allows you to continue when it detects that there are duplicate symbols coming from libraries.

Script Debugger 4.5.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a problem where the Scripting Additions window would fail when displaying the Leopard version of Standard Additions.osax. This fix also brings Script Debugger’s handling of escaped <documentation><html> sdef elements into line with changes introduced in Leopard.
  • Each Folder Actions event and the Handle CGI Request event once again appear as events in Scripting Additions dictionary window.
  • A series of stability problems with the Dictionary Explorer have been resolved. As the Dictionary Explorer appears in many places in the Script Debugger user interface, these fixes greatly improve Script Debugger’s overall stability.
  • Stepping with an active viewer window now leaves the viewer window active rather than bringing the script window forward.
  • A hang when exploring Adobe Acrobat Professional has been resolved.
  • The error message for the bdNamErr (-37) error has been improved. This error appears when saving a script with a '/' in its name.
  • A problem where a 'Volume Not Found' error can sometimes occur when saving new documents has been resolved.
  • Addressed a problem that prevented script compilation on some Japanese systems when debugging is enabled.
  • Problems committing changes in the Text Substitution prefs panel have been corrected.
  • A Text substitution indenting problem has been corrected.
  • A problem where block auto-closing fails for blocks preceded by 2 or 3 blank lines from the beginning of a script has been resolved.

Script Debugger 4.5.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a problem affecting Japanese systems that prevented the compilation of scripts when debugging is enabled.
  • Addressed an NSRangeException that could occur when inserting a new line before an unterminated string literal.
  • Addressed a series of stability issues relating to the dictionary Explorer and the Tell Context inspector.
  • Added a new preference to the Opening section of the General preferences panel to enable or disable the alert that appears when opening scripts that may cause the launch of one or more applications.
  • Added an 'expert' preference setting that causes script auto-saving to occur following a compile. To enable this setting, quit Script Debugger, and enter the following command into the Terminal. NOTE: Turning on this setting may unacceptably slow Script Debugger 4.5’s compile performance.

    defaults write com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger PrefAutoSaveOnCompile yes

  • Addressed a bug where the position of the initial window (created when Script Debugger is launched) does not avoid inspector windows when an inspector window is positioned along the left edge of the main monitor.
  • Addressed a bug where an 'end' block is incorrectly inserted when a statement begins with a word starting with the characters 'on' (e.g. 'one').
  • Addressed an NSRangeException when inserting a new line into a script that ends with '--' (and no trailing new line character).
  • Changed the constant 'running' to 'executing' in the scripting interface to avoid a conflict with AppleScript's 'running' property.
  • The 'Paste as String Literal' command no longer escapes new line characters. This avoids a problem where pasted new lines incorrectly result in double new lines following a compile.
  • Addressed a series of problems with Script Debugger's External Debugging capability.
  • Addressed a problem where Script Debugger's evaluation tooltip may not be removed when switching to another application using Command-Tab.
  • Added an 'expert' preference setting that allows you to define applications that are ignored when determining which applications may be launched when opening a script. To use this setting, quit Script Debugger, and then use the 'defaults' Terminal command. The following example causes Script Debugger to ignore the 'System Events' and 'Database Events' applications when reporting applications that may launch as a consequence of opening a script:

    defaults write com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger PrefConfirmAppLaunchOnOpenIgnored -array com.apple.systemevents com.apple.databaseevents

  • Hidden element references are no longer reported in the 'Where Used' sections of dictionary descriptions.
  • Addressed a problem where Auto-hilite of opening ([{ would fail when entering a ]}) character right after an existing ]}) character.
  • Addressed a crashing bug when compiling statements beginning with 'at ' when debugging is enabled.
  • Addressed a hang when compiling scripts where a # character appears within a (* *) style comment block when debugging is enabled.


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