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AppleScriptObjC Code Completion in Script Debugger 6

This video demonstrates how to the new AppleScript Objective-C (AppleScriptObjC) code completion in Script Debugger 6 work. … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: AppleScriptObjC and Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

If you attempt to run a script that includes AppleScriptObjC code, or uses a library that includes AppleScriptObjC code, and you are running OS X 10.10, you will see a warning. If you are wondering what to do when confronted with it, read on. … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: Why does Script Debugger display some values in red?

A common support question is why does Script Debugger display some values in red and not others. This is Script Debugger’s method of indicating when a value changes. … Continue Reading ››

Explore Application Interfaces using Script Debugger 6

This video demonstrates how to use [Script Debugger 6]( to explore application scripting interfaces. In this case we explore Apple Mail to discover how to save and process an … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: Why does Script Debugger open when I run my script as an application

Recently I’ve had a series of questions from customers asking why, when they save their script as an application and then launch it outside Script Debugger, does Script Debugger open and offer to debug the script. They have finished with Script Debugger and want to deploy their script and are frustrated they cannot ‘disconnect’ from Script Debugger. … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: Why Can’t I Change The Case Of Identifiers In My Script

__UPDATE__: [Script Debugger 6]( addresses this problem. Customers often write in asking why Script Debugger will not allow them to change the case of identifiers in their scripts (e.g. change 'myname' … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: Why Does Script Debugger use the Address Book?

With the advent of Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), the system may present an alert asking you to allow Script Debugger to use your Address Book/Contacts and you may by curious why this is happening. … Continue Reading ››

Viewing Local Variables in Script Debugger

The issue of how to view local variables (variables declared within an AppleScript handler) in Script Debugger keeps coming up. This problem has been an issue ever since Script Debugger 2.0 when local variable display was introduced. This issue surfaced again [recently on the AppleScript-Users mailing list]( … Continue Reading ››

Script Debugger 4.5.3 On-Line Help as PDF

Recently I have received several requests for Script Debugger 4.5’s On-Line help as a single PDF file. [Matt Neuburg](, who writes the Script Debugger 4 documentation, was able to oblige with a nicely hyperlinked PDF file. … Continue Reading ››

Script Debugger 4.5 Can Take a Long Time to Open Scripts

A few customers have written me to report that Script Debugger 4.5 takes much longer to open their scripts than did Script Debugger 4.0. Learn about a new preferences setting that lets you avoid this slowdown if its effecting you. … Continue Reading ››