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No More Caveman Debugging

This video demonstrates how to use Script Debugger 6 to debug your AppleScript scripts without having to resort to caveman debugging techniques such as adding log and display dialog statements to see what’s happening. … Continue Reading ››

Viewing Variables & Values

This video demonstrates how to use Script Debugger 6 to examine your AppleScript script’s variables and view their values in various ways. … Continue Reading ››

False Sense of Security

Applets having a Bundle ID beginning with `` seem to be given a free pass through App Transport Security. Oooh… … Continue Reading ››

Script Debugger 6 “Expert” Preferences

Script Debugger has a collection of preferences settings which are not alterable via Script Debugger’s Preferences panel. This post documents all of Script Debugger 6’s hidden preferences. … Continue Reading ››

AppleScriptObjC in Script Debugger 6

Learn all the ins and outs of AppleScriptObjC support in Script Debugger 6. … Continue Reading ››

AppleScriptObjC Code Completion in Script Debugger 6

This video demonstrates how to the new AppleScript Objective-C (AppleScriptObjC) code completion in Script Debugger 6 work. … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: AppleScriptObjC and Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

If you attempt to run a script that includes AppleScriptObjC code, or uses a library that includes AppleScriptObjC code, and you are running OS X 10.10, you will see a warning. If you are wondering what to do when confronted with it, read on. … Continue Reading ››

FAQ: Why does Script Debugger display some values in red?

A common support question is why does Script Debugger display some values in red and not others. This is Script Debugger’s method of indicating when a value changes. … Continue Reading ››