2018 MacBook Pro?!?!

Posted by on Aug 01 2018 | Apple, Personal

I’m about to upgrade my 2012 MacBook Pro and I’m not excited by what Apple offers in 2018.

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RegEx Knife 2.0.1 Is Coming

Posted by on May 18 2018 | RegEx Knife

I’m working on the next RegEx Knife 2 maintenance release, version 2.0.1. This release addresses a series of iOS 11 compatibility issues and adds support for named capture groups.

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iPad Frustrations I

Posted by on Jun 27 2017 | iOS, Personal

Over the weekend I played in a tennis tournament and used a GoPro to record the final match. I decided to edit the footage on my 12″ iPad Pro. Importing the footage from the GoPro was trivial using Apple’s Lightning SD Card Reader. iMovie on the iPad worked very well. Problems started when it came […]

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Find My Apple Pencil, Part II

Posted by on May 05 2017 | iOS, Personal

As a follow up to my We Need a Find My Apple Pencil Feature post, I’ve been experimenting with the Bluetooth Scanner apps in the app store. I picked one of the free ones and found out an interesting thing. Presumably to save energy, the Apple Pencil does not broadcast its existence unless it is […]

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