RegEx Knife 2 Available in the App Store

Posted by on Mar 20 2017 | Personal, RegEx Knife

I have updated my RegEx Knife iOS regular expression editing and testing utility so that it works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Check it out on the App Store!

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Posted by on Mar 09 2017 | AppleScript

MarksLib is a collection of handlers for everyday operations that I find myself using in almost every script I write. There are tools for reading and writing text files, string substitution, converting between strings and arrays and more.

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We Need a Find My Apple Pencil Feature

Posted by on Mar 09 2017 | iOS, Personal

Hearing about the Find My AirPods feature Apple is introducing reminds me that we need the same thing for the Apple Pencil. I recently lost one and having some way of seeing if it was nearby would have been very helpful. Replacing the Apple Pencil was expensive and I find I’m constantly anxious that I’ll […]

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Simple iPhone App Mockups

Posted by on Mar 07 2017 | iOS, Personal

I’ve been looking for nice ways to present iPhone application mockups and today I came across these free attractive mockups on the UI8 site

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